Best AV Home Theater Receiver Under $500

The best home theater receiver plays a unique role to connects the speaker system for transmitting audio. A receiver decodes high-resolution video and audio formats, provides wireless connectivity and also helps automatically configure the speakers according to the room acoustics.

Best AV Receiver under 500

One has seen numerous amazing home theater receivers especially after 2020 and 2021.

There are quite incredible receivers available in the current market from premium brands like Sony, Pioneer, Onkyo and Yamaha. There are many contenders with the Yamaha RX-V483BL, Sony STR-DH790 few among the top-rated products.

It has impressive potential to stream 4K Ultra High-Definition videos and high-resolution audios through features like HDR HDMI, DTS-X, Dolby Atmos etc.

One can choose the best home theater receivers support both 5.1 and 7.1 Channel surround system and some even supports a 5.1.2, 5.2.4 or 7.2.2 Channel surround sound systems. These features tremendously enhance the listening experience.

Best AV Receiver under $500 2021 List

A buyer guide containing all the valuable features, technical specifications and home theater receiver reviews is an important tool to understand about the receiver’s capability. Here some answers to the basic frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding home theater receivers. This will help in having more detailed knowledge before the purchase of your entertainment setup.


Sony STR-DH590- Top Rated Best AV Home Theater Receiver Under $500


The Sony STR-DH 590 receiver is well built product that offers amazing features at a very affordable price tag.  4 HDMI inputs with HDCP 2.2 signal handling for smooth processing audio.

It supports 4K video and Dolby which enhances the video viewing experience. Audio decoding formats like DTD HD Master Audio and DSD for the better audio experience.

One smart feature of the receiver is its Bluetooth connectivity option. The additional feature is the Bluetooth standby mode which can turn the receiver on straight from the paired smartphone.

The receiver also features a very useful option known as the Digital Cinema Auto Calibration (D.C.A.C) which automatically analyses the room acoustics to calibrate and adjust audio levels and settings of the of speakers. This optimises sound in the room and gives the best sound experience settings.

The S-Force Pro front surround technology also a user to properly configure and use speakers in a small room. The technology uses virtual surround acoustics field using only two speakers.

The back-panel sports one digital audio input, one coaxial input, four stereo audio inputs, FM antenna inputs and two subwoofer pre outs. Overall, the receiver is quite versatile and offers good features, which are very satisfactory and worth it for this price tag.


  • Good build quality and branding
  • Impressive performance/price ratio
  • Impressive performance/price ratio
  • 4K video and high-quality audio supported


  • Lacks warmth in sound output
  • Does not play high-resolution content directly from USB or Bluetooth streaming

Sony STR-DH790- Best AV 5.1 Home Theater Receiver Under $500 

Sony-STR-DH-790 best budget home theater receiver
Sony-STR-DH-790 best budget home theater receiver

The Sony STR-DH790 is flexible and can easily setup even 5.1.2 and 2.1 channel speaker systems. It intelligently calibrates room acoustics to deliver stunning sound experience.

It also supports smart Bluetooth standby technology, which can control and switch the receiver on and off directly from the paired smartphone.

The design and look are also very premium and fits very well in the home décor. On the whole, the receiver is very impressive and sports amazing features at this price tag.

One can definitely trust this product to deliver stunning audio and video experience.


  • Impressive sound output performance
  • Smart Bluetooth technology
  • Premium features at very affordable price


  • It is not rated to drive 4-ohm speaker system
  • Spring-clip speaker terminals
  • No AM connectivity

 Yamaha RX-V385- Best  Bluetooth AV Receiver under 500

Yamaha-RX-V385 home theater receiver under 500



The eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) technology delivers full-resolution, multi-channel audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD through HDMI connection, which gives one of the best immersive surround sound experience.

The installation process is very easy there is an AV Setup guide available to be used in mobile phones or tablets. It effectively guides the users to go through various settings of the receiver and configure it properly.

The overall impact of the receiver is pretty impressive at this price tag.


  • YPAO Sound Calibration
  • HDMI with Audio Return Channel
  • Easy connectivity to Bluetooth and other channels
  • MusicCast feature for Multi-room playback


  • Lot of features in a single setup may seem confusing for people who are not familiar with technical aspects of receiver


Onkyo TX-NR787- Best Budget Home Theater Receiver Under $500

Onkyo-TX-NR787 best budget home theater receiver under 500
Onkyo-TX-NR787 best budget home theater receiver under 500


To conclude we can definitely say that the Onkyo TX-Nr787 is a very powerful receiver filled with advanced technology and good build-in quality.

It is a very strong contender among high-end receivers delivering premium features. The highlight is that this receiver delivers impressive premium features at a very affordable price range.


  • Very powerful to connect heavy speaker systems and stream high quality content
  • 1.4 and 7.2.2 channel surround sound options
  • AccuEQ advances room calibration technology
  • THX certified theater like quality
  • Remote control accessible on mobile phones


  • A very basic remote-control setup
  • No multi-channel pre amplifier outputs


Onkyo TX-SR575- Premium AV Home Theater Receiver Under $500


The dynamic audio amplification delivers massive power at 170 Watts/Channel.  It also has 6 HDMI input ports and 2 Optical Digital Input ports for smooth connectivity. This receiver is really a game changer in mid-range price range receiver market by offering some premium features to enhance the home theater experience.


  • Clear and bright video images from 4K video formats
  • Impressive streaming capabilities including Chromecast built-in and DTS Play-Fi
  • Good quality surround sound and 3D ready


  • Volumes feels better on small to medium speakers than large speaker systems
  • USB connection ports are on the rear panel only

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Marantz NR1608- AV Home Theater Receiver Under $500 for Small rooms


There is only a 50W output per channel may seem a little underpowered, but it still delivers decent dynamics and sound experience. High-resolution audio is elegant through this product, which enhances the audio experiences.

The overall performance of the receiver is satisfactory and exceptional in some particular areas like audio decoding.


  • Dynamic and well-balanced sound
  • HEOS Multiroom integration support
  • 4K video pass through and high-resolution audio decoding


  • There is only 1 HDMI output
  • 50W per channel output is best suited for small to medium and inefficient for larger rooms

Pioneer VSX-1123- Featured Home Theater Receiver Under $500

Pioneer-VSX-feature home theater under 500
Pioneer-VSX-feature home theater under 500

The receiver delivers pretty impressive sound experience through its advanced technology and premium features. One may find some minor issues in signal processing. Nevertheless, at this price range, this receiver is a good option but not the best.


  • Premium features like AirPlay
  • Easy to setup – a instruction CD is included in the box
  • Sounds are clear and crisp for good


  • No phono input
  • Lag when switching between inputs


  1. How to choose a home theater receiver?

There are few things to keep in mind choosing a home theater receiver.

Number of channels: One channel means the receiver will support only one speaker. One needs to see which type of home theater system they have. If it’s a 5.1 or 7.1 speaker system, one needs to get a receiver and accommodate the channels required so that the home theater speakers work fine.

High-resolution video and audio decoding: One should see if the receiver is compatible to play 4K UHD video and has advanced audio decoding technology like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. This will help to enhance both the video and audio output quality in TV and home theater system respectively.

HDR formats: A good receiver should be compatible to stream all three HDR formats: HDR 10, DV and HLG formats for the best viewing experience.

Multi-room integration: If one wishes to make use of the speaker system across various rooms in the house then one should get a receiver has a multi-room integration feature build in it, which will enable the user to connect and stream music anywhere from the house wirelessly.

Wireless Connectivity: It is an undeniable fact that wireless connectivity is one of the best features available right now and it would really be unfair if one doesn’t use this smooth technology. A receiver should be compatible to wireless connect with devices and stream audio


  1. What is a home theater receiver?

In simple words, a home theater receiver (also known as AV receiver) is a connection hub of a variety of video, audio features bring immersive and impactful surround entertainment experience to your home.

A receiver is the heart of a home theater system processes high-resolution videos and decodes high-resolution audios to deliver it to the TV screen and home theater speakers respectively.

A receiver has built-in multi-channel amplifiers to boost the surround speaker sounds. It connects all the necessary video and audio cables and signals the content to various appropriate channels for a home theater experience.

  1. How to buy a receiver for home theater?

Here are some tips on how to buy a receiver for home theater system:

  1. Firstly, one needs to see if the receiver has sufficient number of channels to connect all the speakers and the subwoofer. If one owns a 5.1 home theater system then the receiver should minimum have 5.1 channels to connect all the devices.
  2. One needs to assess features provided in the receiver and see if it is capable to delivering high-resolution audio and video. This will ensure a satisfactory and enhanced home theater experience.
  3. Power: One needs to see if the receiver is capable to meet power needs. The power is determined by the power of the speakers and by size of the room. If one gets an average receiver to support a heavy 5.1 speaker system for a big room then the receiver will not work properly and the experience will be unsatisfactory.
  4. One should also choose a receiver offers best-in-class features at an affordable price. If one gets a receiver features not useful for a user then both the technology and the money invested will go in waste.
  5. One should also see if receiver is compatible to support wireless connections so that one can easily enjoy content through control of their smartphones.

A person should buy a receiver compliments and supports all features of the home theater speaker system and the television so that the video and audio experience is maximised. One can go for premium receiver manufacturing brands like Onkyo, Sony, Yamaha and Pioneer provides advanced technological features with impressive built-in quality.

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