How to Wirelessly Connect Your Nintendo Switch to a TV for Ultimate Gaming Freedom

Using Bluetooth Transmitters for Short Range Wireless

For example, you can pair a Bluetooth transmitter like the Genki Audio Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter to the Switch when in handheld mode. When paired, it will wirelessly relay game audio to a Bluetooth receiver hooked up to your TV’s RCA input.

While limited to 30 feet or less range, this allows hearing game audio from the TV speakers instead of the Switch’s. It removes the need to be near the dock for big screen gaming.

The downside is Bluetooth connectivity can suffer from latency, causing audio lag. And the video signal still needs to be transmitted wirelessly. But for quick wireless audio streaming in close proximity, Bluetooth is handy.

Leveraging Your Home Network for Long Range Wireless

For true long range wireless video and audio transmission, Wi-Fi based wireless HDMI solutions allow beaming Switch gameplay anywhere in your home network coverage area.

The Nyrius Aries Pro, for example, pairs a transmitter unit that connects to the Switch dock via HDMI cable. This sends uncompressed 1080p video and audio wirelessly over Wi-Fi to the receiver unit up to 100 feet away, connected to your TV.

By leveraging your home Wi-Fi network, the Aries Pro provides lower latency wireless performance capable of handling intense Switch gaming. This frees you to position the dock anywhere in Wi-Fi range instead of directly by the TV.

I use the Aries Pro to transmit my Switch wirelessly to the TV in my bedroom upstairs, while the dock remains downstairs connected to the transmitter. It provides flawless wireless gaming without running lengthy HDMI cables between floors!

Optimizing Wireless Performance

While the Aries Pro works great out of the box, I optimized the setup for even lower latency that rivals a wired connection:

– Position the transmitter and receiver in a direct line of sight where possible. Obstructions degrade wireless signal.

– Connect both units via Ethernet cable to your home router if available. This avoids Wi-Fi fluctuations and interference.

– Set the Aries Pro to “Game” mode in the settings menu. This prioritizes lower latency over optimal video quality.

– Use 5Ghz Wi-Fi instead of 2.4Ghz if your network supports it. 5Ghz offers faster throughput and less interference.

With these tweaks, gameplay feels snappy with no noticeable wireless lag. Zelda Breath of the Wild aiming, dodging, and parrying feels as responsive as a native wired connection.

Achieving True Wireless Freedom

Wireless HDMI solutions like the Aries Pro finally grant a cable free Nintendo Switch experience. No longer confined to housing the dock near the TV, it can now be positioned anywhere for gaming freedom. This removes tripping hazards, enables creative setups, and cuts visual clutter.

Just be sure your home Wi-Fi network provides sufficient coverage and performance. With the right accessories, you can enjoy immersive big screen gaming on your TV completely wire-free. Never trip over another Switch cable again!