Common Issues at Netflix and Soundbar – Troubleshooting Guide

Soundbar and Netflix Troubleshooting


Netflix and soundbar are considered an as best match, but still, we get a black screen or some other issues such as no audio during streaming.  Netflix has some particular requirements that a soundbar should meet and televisions have their own requirements to match Netflix.

In this post, we have listed few things to fix Netflix troubleshooting with the soundbar. Initially, we need to look at what are the soundbar common issues with Netflix. We should check whether the Netflix feature supports our soundbar or not. Then, we can estimate the issues like distortion of audio, volume controlling, etc.

Soundbar and Netflix Troubleshooting

Important points for Soundbar and Netflix Troubleshooting

  • Update your firmware on your soundbar by using your remote
  • Make sure to keep you are within the soundbar range
  • Sound and Screen section of the settings app, and tap Sound connect.
  • Select “Manage Device”.
  • Now choose the device which you want to update
  • choose “check for Software update” in the software update section.
  • To get the software updated follow on-screen instructions.
  • The firmware update could take 10 minutes.
  • Turn the power off and on to your soundbar for completing the update.


If you still not getting the sound to play from the surround system, after changing your HDMI cable and there is no issue on your soundbar, then it is better to try audio calibration.  In this process, you can optimize sound quality by equalizing the volume level to the extent you want


Common Issues at Netflix and Soundbar


These soundbars nowadays act as traditional home theatre systems. They are being small, easy to set up, and can be placed wherever you want.

Soundbars can easily be combined with multiple speakers arrange together. This became easy and quality to move, desirable audio in the entire home. Space and soundbar convenience make it a great choice for smaller apartments, homes, dorm rooms, and offices.

As it is easy to overcome soundbar issues. And everyone is not a tech and knowledgeable enough to resolve their own issues of soundbars. So, what are the common soundbar issues and how can you resolve them. We have outlines 12 issues which soundbars experiences, and how to resolve them.


Wrong Audio Setting Netflix

While watching your Netflix show, there is a loud noise, this is because of the wrong audio settings. Go to the top right corner of the Netflix homepage, choose the Settings option. after choosing the option you can able to adjust the subtitles, audio, and playback settings.


Wrong TV Audio Settings

If you want to generate the Dolby home theatre effect through your soundbar you have to access Dolby digital on your TV. If your TV speakers are enabled, the soundbar won’t be able to hear the Dolby signal and cannot enhance the sound. Due to this, you can find the sound which is coming from TV speakers is lower than the sound that comes from the soundbar, even if you set the TV volume and soundbar level at the equal volume level.

You can solve the volume difference by accessing the audio on your TV, and not all the TVs could have the option to support audio. If you could not able to find the enable the audio option, then you must go to your TV menu and choose audio setup.

Probably, you should have a TV option that enables audio out or the same audio output option. Check this option and sound must be adjusted to the correct volume.

System Drivers Didn’t Load

You got a soundbar and trying to play content by my laptop’s Netflix app. There is no sound came out of the soundbar.

The soundbar will not come within the remote, and the laptop has many rooms away. I can’t resolve the issue by using or control everything through a universal remote. Is it possible to fix the problem using smartphone apps instead?


If the system drivers are not loaded properly for your soundbar are unknown, you could try to find the drivers online. If you have a serial number or soundbars model number, to find the drivers online you can have a web search.

If you are still not able to find soundbar drivers, you can avoid using the soundbar and instead use your TV speakers. You can also connect through your laptop to any other soundbar or with a different sound system to see if the laptop is the source problem.


Out of Date Software

If you are enabling your soundbar with the latest version of Netflix by an HTiB like the HT – S7400 and can have the latest software upgrade, Soundbars receives many software updates from the manufacturer and in many cases, the sound is running through Netflix software in your HTiB has to be the latest version. If you have a Marantz or Denon soundbar, there are no chances it will be expired to play Netflix.

By updating the latest versions of the software, you can able to play Netflix properly.


Out of Data Firmware


A scheduled firmware can cause difficulties when streaming movies or TV shows from Netflix soundbar. If you forget to update the firmware cause a problem with Netflix,  Hence, make sure that you keep your firmware get updated, mostly if you are not watched the Netflix soundbar.


We can easily fix the sound and picture quality issues by simply software and hardware. Make sure, that soundbar should not be very far away from your audio receiver or TV, as the signal could be affected if there are more than thirty feet of distance between the soundbar/audio receiver. In this case, you can connect more devices to your sound system, It is suggested to have a long HDMI and cabling. The cables which are used in these costs more but helps you to extend HDMI signal and to maintain the optimum sound.