55-inch vs 65-inch TV- Secrets of Big Size TV

55-inch vs 65-inch TV Is TV Screen size Matters

1. What are the main differences in size between a 55-inch TV and a 65-inch TV?
– The main difference is the diagonal screen size. A 55-inch TV has a diagonal measurement of 55 inches, while a 65-inch TV has a diagonal measurement of 65 inches. This means that the 65-inch TV is physically larger than the 55-inch TV.

2. How does the viewing experience compare on a 55-inch TV versus a 65-inch TV?
– The viewing experience on a 65-inch TV tends to be more immersive and visually appealing compared to a 55-inch TV. The larger screen size of a 65-inch TV provides a wider field of view and can make movies, sports, and other content more engaging.

3. Which TV size, 55 inches or 65 inches, is more suitable for a large living room?
– For a large living room, a 65-inch TV is generally more suitable as it helps to fill the space and provide a more cinematic experience. The larger size can make it easier to see details from a distance.

4. Are there any advantages to choosing a 55-inch TV over a 65-inch TV, or vice versa?
– One advantage of choosing a 55-inch TV is that it can be more affordable compared to a 65-inch TV. Additionally, if you have limited space or prefer a more compact setup, a 55-inch TV may be a better choice. On the other hand, a 65-inch TV offers a larger screen size and can deliver a more immersive viewing experience.

5. What are the factors to consider when deciding between a 55-inch and a 65-inch TV?
– Some factors to consider include the size of the room, viewing distance, budget, personal preference, and the overall aesthetics of the space. It’s important to measure the space where the TV will be placed and determine the optimal viewing distance for the chosen screen size.

6. How does the pricing differ between a 55-inch TV and a 65-inch TV?
– Generally, a 65-inch TV tends to be more expensive compared to a 55-inch TV. The price difference varies depending on the brand, model, features, and other factors. It’s recommended to compare prices from different retailers or online platforms to get the best deal.

7. In terms of image quality, is there any significant distinction between a 55-inch TV and a 65-inch TV?
– In terms of image quality, there is no significant distinction between a 55-inch TV and a 65-inch TV solely based on their size. The image quality is primarily determined by the resolution, display technology (e.g., OLED, QLED), and other features of the TV itself, regardless of the size.

8. Which size TV, 55 inches or 65 inches, is recommended for gaming enthusiasts?
– Gaming enthusiasts often prefer a larger screen size for a more immersive gaming experience. Therefore, a 65-inch TV is generally recommended for gaming enthusiasts, as it can make games more visually captivating and provide a wider field of view.

9. How does the energy consumption of a 55-inch TV compare to that of a 65-inch TV?
– The energy consumption of a TV is not solely determined by its size but also by its technology and efficiency rating. Generally, larger TVs tend to consume more energy than smaller ones, but there can be variations depending on the specific models and their energy-saving features. It’s advisable to check the energy efficiency ratings provided by the manufacturer.

10. Can you provide any recommendations for wall mounting a 55-inch TV versus a 65-inch TV?
– When wall mounting a TV, it’s

crucial to ensure that the wall can support the weight of the TV. For both a 55-inch and a 65-inch TV, it is recommended to use a sturdy wall mount that can handle the size and weight of the TV. It’s also essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and consider the optimal viewing height and angle for comfortable viewing. If you’re uncertain about the installation process, it’s best to consult a professional installer.

In this technically developed modern world each customer has some ides while purchasing a TV. Everyone goes behind the smart TV since they provide much more efficiency than the old model. Major factors that a buyer ensure is the size of a TV. Be smart as a customer and purchase with easiness.

Now we can make a comparison among 55-inch and 65-inch tv and decide which to choose.


55-inch vs 65-inch TV- Why We Need Big Size TV?

55-inch vs 65-inch TV Comparison 

55-inch and 65-inch are the most common size TVs which makes confusion among the customers. The major difference between a 55- inch and 65-inch TV is regarding their size itself. That is 65-inch TV is definitely larger than 55-inch in every aspect. A 65-inch TV provide you an immense experience in watching, but the fact is that it is pricier than the other. So, if you can afford it 65-inches are good. At the same time the 55-inch TV does have an advantage over 65-ch in terms of its convenience. We can easily incorporate it into a small room. When we purchase a 55-inch TV ensure that it does have better display. TV with bigger display provide ample vision always and specially among a big crowd too.

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55-inch or 65-inch, which to choose depends on the requirement of the customer. If the priority tends to the affordable side, then definitely go with the smaller one with good display. Similarly, people with smaller rooms also can check with 55-inch TV due to its compatibility. Fitting is such an important component to be noticed. But generally, technical experts suggest 65-inch TV because it deliver way more better advantages than 55-inches. But remember to keep a wide or dedicated spacing for it. Always check the size selection guide and buy accordingly. Even if you are not free from doubts, it is safe to buy 65-inch TV.

This may lead to a question like,

Why we need big size TV?

  • Bigger size TVs with large screen provide an amazing picture quality. All the things that we need to watch on the TV should have good quality, and it helps to reduce the strain and enhance the satisfaction.
  • If you prefer to watch movies, games or anything live, it is always better to have big size. It will ensure that the viewer is very much deep into the action.
  • Having a large television reduces the chances to sit more closer and never hurt your eyes with the brightness.
  • Another important fact to keep in your mind is regarding the new technologies. Every year televisions with better technologies are coming out with better resolution.
  • Bigger screens are always recommended to those who are watching TV with number of people surrounded. The reason is that it will make the audience or viewers comfortable and hassle free.
  • If you are a game lover or movie lover then no doubt that big size TV with wider screen facility needed to be your choice.
  • This larger TVs take less space compared to the old bulky version. It is because of the unique and clever designs available.

As we all know there are some other factors capable of influencing the customers who want to buy a TV. The first fact under consideration is regarding the size as we discussed above. A debate is going on regarding curved TV and flat TV.


Curved vs Flat TV

Television with curved screen and flat screen does not have a significant difference other than its origin. Even though curved TVs are still available in the market they are rare. When you decide to purchase a curved or flat TV you should have a clear idea about the two.

Curved TVs are quite different from the outlook itself because of the design implemented and standout when compared with the flat TVs. If an eye-catching screen is in your mind, then select the curved one over flat screen TV. Flat TVs look neat after placing it on the wall and curved TV due to its specific design looks little bulky and odd. Most probably flat TVs suits with most interiors than the curved TVs. Viewing experience delivered by the two screens are little different by reason of the screen shape. Flat screen TVs are cheaper and more affordable than the curved one.

Pros and cons of Curved TV


  • Curved TV provides improved immersion, but the viewer has to keep a correct distance and position.
  • If you stay same with the position and angle, it will provide a good viewing experience.
  • Full advantage is received only with huge TVs that are above 85-inches. Such larger screen come up with improved viewing depth.
  • TVs with curved surface is said to have superior contrast.


  • The ‘sweet spot’ of curved TVs in terms of distance and angle is narrower than flat TVs.
  • Due to its shape, it will develop reflections when see from different angle. It will reduce the improved immersion.
  • On curved TVs the viewing angle is limited.
  • When hanging on a wall curved TVs look little awkward compared to the flat shaped TVs.
  • This type TVs are very expensive.

Pros and cons of Flat TV


  • Large variety of models are available.
  • Any angle can be chosen to watch the TV and it does not provide a distort image since their screen is flat.
  • These are not bulkier and suits the wall pretty good.
  • Flat TVs are budget friendly than the curved ones.


  • If you sit closer the left and right edges appear dark and blurred.
  • This TV could not fill your field of vision when sit closer compared to the curved TVs.

In conclusion even though there is no huge difference between curved TVs and flat TVs it is better to opt flat ones over curved TVs. There are few advantages for curved TVs like they provide bigger screens when sit close but not a huge difference. But still its your choice to select. If you want to have a TV looking different in the design and attractive can choose the curved TVs.



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