Home Theater vs Soundbar Which is Best for TV

Home Theater vs Soundbar


Soundbars are compact audio solutions for tv. Soundbars have in-built or external speakers. Home theatres come in pairs. This enables complete surround sound audio quality. Number of speakers in a home theater depends on whether it is a 2.1, 5.1, 7.1 surround channel. 

Soundbars consist of many speakers embedded in a single bar. They have good bass and low frequency ranges. To enhance sound effects, external subwoofers can be used. They offer a neat set up as they are wireless. It is easy to use. Soundbars are compact. They are priced reasonably. Soundbars impart higher audio quality than in built TV speakers. Disadvantage is that they do not provide the best surround sound experience. 

Home theater speakers 

Different types of home theater speaker sets are a 2, 5, 7, or 9. The most preferred one is 5.1 or 7.1 surround channel. This implies 5 or 7 surround sound speakers. A center speaker and a receiver is necessary for home theater. The speakers can be customised for obtaining the best sound quality. Advantages of home theater speakers:

  • Great surround sound experience
  • Variety of surround options based on room size
  • Provides maximum bass
  • Surround channel can be 5.1, 7.1, 9.1
  • set up can be customised 

Disadvantages of home theater speakers are:

  • Presence of many components causes clutter
  • Requires a lot of wiring 
  • set up is a lot more complicated

Home theater vs Soundbar Which is best


Home theater vs Soundbar Comparison


The amount of power needed to produce optimal sound effects is known as sensitivity. The longevity of the speakers is also determined by the sensitivity. Speakers with higher sensitivity rating, require less power to deliver quality sound. A sensitivity rating of 92 dB is ideal for quality sound.

Frequency response 

Frequency response determines the sound quality of the speakers. Frequencies below 35 Hz are usually felt with the help of a subwoofer. For optimal sound, speakers that cover a wide range of frequency are preferred. 

Power handling

The wattage consumed by a speaker is known as power handling. Higher the wattage intake, the power of sound that is produced increases. 

HDMI Inputs and Outputs

A home theater system contains AV receivers with more input and output options (HTMI, Optical…) than a soundbar.

Sweet Spot Adjustments

Though they are convenient, there is not much installation flexibility with a sound bar. Soundbars are mounted on the wall . They can also be placed on furniture below the TV. A single listening spot is formed where the sound quality and dynamics are best experienced. “Sweet Spots’ ‘occurs with home theater systems too. It is easier to optimise them .This occurs because of better placement and angling of multiple speakers relative to the tv. 

Home theater vs Soundbar Which is Best?

Home theatre systems are better for high quality surround sound experience. Their speakers are strategically placed around the room. Separating the sound sources between speakers decreases distortion at high volume levels. Sound bars are preferable if speakers need to be used in closed quarters for minimizing disturbance to others.