OBS STUDIO VS STREAMLABS OBS Best Video Editing Software



A person new to the streaming platform might have confusions regarding the software to choose. It is mandatory to have a basic idea about the streaming software to use. Streaming would be impossible without having a stable internet connection and related software. Live streaming is made possible with the help of streaming software’s. Streaming software is also called as live broadcasting software encounter, because it converts the videos for live streaming. If you are regular streamer the streaming interface will spend lot of time. Here we are discussing about the two most important streaming software’s and comparing which is better to apply.


OBS (open broadcaster software) is a free and open software widely used for the purpose of audio, video recording and for live streaming. This is a high-performance software with high quality. This is available for windows and other versions are available for macOS and Linux. OBS project was initially a small one developed by Jim bailey and later seen a dramatic growth with the help of online collaborations. In august 2012 the first version was released and in 2016 the prevailing OBS studio came into power.


It was written by the language of C, C++ and qt. Data transmission can be sent to YouTube, twitch, Instagram that supports RTMP (real time messaging protocol). For working in the OBS studio the first step is to download it from obsproject.com and allow to open the software. When we open the OBS studio its interface is arranged into 5 sections:

Scenes, sources, audio mixer, transitions and controls. In the scenes you get 2 options scene and scene 2 for choosing the screen. The screen will appear blank initially. In the source section, it includes video capture device, display capture, window capture and audio input capture. Audio mixer enables with audio input capture, desktop audio which helps us to improve our overall performance of the studio. We can fix duration in the 4th section called scene transitions. The last one allows us to make various settings that provided by the software itself.


In the studio mode two canvas preview windows are available, one for modifying and the right window is for preview of the live scene. OBS plugins are available in this software. What plugin does allows a two-pc stream setup. Some popular OBS studio plugins are;

  • OWN3DPro OBS plugin
  • StreamFX
  • Tuna

Advantages of OBS Studio

  • Its free and easy to use.
  • Beginner friendly software.
  • Customization is possible in terms of quality capture.
  • Duplication of slides are quick and easy.
  • During broadcasting it is easy to switch from one source to other.
  • Recorded files can easily convert into different formats.
  • Audio and video can be record simultaneously.
  • Lot of plug-ins are available to add according to the functionality.
  • While streaming lower CPU usage happens.

Disadvantages of OBS Studio

  • It does not provide any kind of editing’s.
  • It is difficult to connect multiple devices.
  • The layout of the software needs to improve so that the UI of the software will be more acceptable.
  • This particular programme has high learning curve.
  • At certain times issues happen with closing the software.


STREAMLABS OBS (slobs) is actually same as OBS, but a better version that provides better experience. This software is also free to download as in the case of OBS Studio. Even though OBS is a high-performance software with high quality capturing, lack of additional features exists there. Streamlabs OBS is the advanced version of the same. Since this is the advanced version, it provides variety of themes and improved features. Customization is therefore easy and smooth. It will provide almost better experience compared to OBS studio. Streamlabs OBS is also used for live streaming.

Once you completed downloading the software, the setup process is very simple and straight forward. It brings straight to the dashboard settings. In the dashboard configure the settings as per your liking and choose the platform to stream. In the top right-hand corner, you will be provided with the login option to the selected platform.


Streamlabs OBS offers some inbuilt features to the customers for free. They are;

  • Alerts
  • Widgets
  • Layout
  • Built in text to speech

Advantages of STREAMLABS OBS

  • Setup process is easy in the streamlabs OBS. Certain steps need to follow for this.
  • Customization is completely free in the SLOBS software for themes, layouts and can personalize accordingly.
  • To setup the stream alerts properly SLOBS offer a feature called test widget.


  • This provides an automated setup that help the new users an advantage to stream smooth without any troubles.
  • Its interface is already designed in a manner with a clean dashboard.
  • Powerful mod tools are available in the cloudbot tab.
  • Another advantage provided by this software is the store tab that enhance the streaming process through fun streamer features.
  • Built-in chat and text buttons are available.

Disadvantages of STREAMLABS OBS

  • SLOBS require a decent PC to work since it requires more CPU usage.
  • The chat box doesn’t have sound commands so that you have to check the chat box separately.


we have made a clear comparison between OBS studio and SLOBS. Which is the best software application that provide streaming among the two?

Both the OBS studio and SLOBS software’s are free and easy to handle. No restrictions are there to try the both one since they are free. Both this broadcasting software’s are widely used among the world due to its accessibility than others. The performance of OBS studio and SLOBS deliver good and excellent results out. Depending on this output we are evaluating what to choose and what to ignore.

We have already seen that, streamlabs OBS is the advanced form of the latter that is OBS. Since SLOBS is the better version of OBS and have increased functionality. It is better to choose SLOBS for streaming. It is easy to use and also enable the built-in functionality.

Because of this inbuilt feature of SLOBS, it is very easy to begin streaming within 30 seconds of time. It makes the streamer much more comfort and felt like a pro streamer. Even though both are good in performing SLOBS is more preferring.


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