10 Ways To Use Your Old Speaker

What to do with old speaker?

Like all electrical devices, good quality home speakers also need to be replaced after being in use for a large number of years. The best way to put into use such a speaker system is to either recycle them for various purposes or to donate it. Since improperly recycled goods pose an environmental hazard, The old Speakers should be either used or Recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. 

10 ways to use your old speakers

What to do with old speakers


  1. Donate in the locality


One of the best places to donate the old speakers is in our locality as a large number of institutions will be eagerly willing to accept such donations such as either temples or schools. Temples may use speakers during the prayer time and schools may put into use to teach children through the use of technology. The old speakers may be donated to the individuals as well by making contact with local charity organisations. One can easily discard their old speakers which in turn may prove useful to such places who need such devices. Instead of donating only the old speakers, it will be highly useful for some people if a set of old DVD players or even a television is available. https://charity.ebay.com/


  1. Donate it to goodwill


Another good option for donating the old speakers is to give them to various national charities mainly those which are involved in the field of educating the underprivileged where they can be used to educate children. Some charities also sell such old items for a heavily discounted price which can be used by those who cannot afford to buy a speaker at the original market price. After checking with the local charity thrift store if they accept donations of old electronic products, leaving the item with the volunteer present there can make the process of discarding the old speakers easier. https://www.lifewire.com/goodwill-online-auction-tips-and-tricks-4175415


  1. Recycling


The other suitable option for old speakers is to recycle and reuse them by finding the best place that can offer such options. Some places have a recycling service that provides all types of e-waste recycling including electrical products. It is highly appreciable to donate the speakers system only if they are in working condition. But if the speakers are broken and beyond repair, then the best alternative is to recycle them. Some of the most reputable electronic brands such as Samsung, Panasonic and Toshiba have their recycling facilities where the old speakers can be easily recycled. 


  • Exchange 


The old speakers can also be exchanged if they are in a working condition by utilizing the exchange services. First, we should check whether the exchange is available for the product that we wish to exchange and the location of the exchange services should also be determined. Before opting to go to the exchange services, the speakers should be checked if they are broken or damaged to minimize the chances of incurring losses. While exchanging the speakers, all the original accessories and packaging that were given along with the product should be produced for getting the best deals. Exchange here


  • Submit to Greener Gadgets 


The program initiated by the Consumer Technology Association is known as the Greener Gadgets and it is a national environmental awareness campaign. The major function of this program is to use it for locating various recycling centres throughout the region and it shows the location of the recycle stores depending on the item that needs to be recycled. The Greener gadgets are as such not a recycling store but it helps in gathering information for meeting the individual’s recycling needs. Thus the website hopes to inspire the use of greener home equipment in the households. https://www.cta.tech/Consumer-Resources/Greener-Gadgets.aspx/


  • Sell it online


eBay and olx are some of the best online stores where people are willing to sell as well as by a wide range of products. It is certainly one of the most preferred options if you want to sell the old speakers. One of the ways to sell on such websites is to sell it directly using the ‘buy now’ option and another way is by using the option of bidding. The process of bidding often offers a greater chance of getting more money for the desired product that needs to be sold instead of the normal selling by fixing a price tag.


  • Upgrade and reuse the speaker


One of the best ways to reuse old speakers is to upgrade the system and put them into use. Also, the old speakers can be used in another room to get better music effects. Old speakers can be reused around the various parts of the house and they can also be used in the office or the outside seating area. Another effective way to put the old speakers into use is by making multiple zones in the home which can be done by plugging the required sets of speakers into the receiver.


  • Make the old speaker as radio speaker


Making a radio from the old but working speakers is one of the most attractive ways to use them. By connecting the old set of speakers that are still in working condition to a Raspberry Pi which is a computer – on – a- chip, Internet radio can be created easily. This type of project can help in the relieving of old days where the radio used to be the primary source of access to various categories of music without the hassle of creating playlists or having to manually choose the next song that needs to be played as it used to dole out one melody after the other. 


  • Convert old Speakers into Bluetooth Speakers 


The process of converting the old set of Speakers into Bluetooth speakers helps in streaming audio files from any desired Bluetooth capable device. The step is to obtain a Bluetooth receiver which takes a wireless audio signal and converts it into an electrical audio signal that is resistant to noise known as the line-level signal. Next, the Bluetooth receiver should be connected to the old speakers by getting the required suitable cables. After connecting the Bluetooth receiver to the Speakers, the final step is to pair the device with the Bluetooth receiver which will enable the broadcasting of the audio to your old speakers. 


  • Sell to Scrap Dealers 


The last resort of discarding the old set of speakers if they cannot be either reused or exchanged in any form is to sell them to scrap dealers who accept all varieties of electronic equipment and often they recycle them to recover precious metals. Some of the scrap dealers also reassemble the old electrical components and reuse them. A nominal amount of money can be obtained by selling the old speakers to scrap dealers.