Bookshelf Speakers vs Soundbar Best Comparison

Bookshelf Speakers vs Soundbar


Soundbars are custom made for televisions. Soundbars enable rich and vibrant audio quality from tv. Sound Bars which have an inbuilt subwoofer are best used with tv. For home theatre fans, the best choice for quality sound for music and movies, are bookshelf speakers. Bookshelf speakers are more convenient . Bookshelf speakers can be kept on a shelf, table, or stands and not on the floor. These are slightly bigger than PC speakers. Soundbars are small and thin . They can be kept under the television or computer monitor. 


Comparison between Soundbar vs bookshelf speaker

Soundbar vs Bookshelf speakers 

Bookshelf speakers  Soundbars
Frequency response  45-22kHz 20-22kHz
Channel 2 2 or 3
Drivers woofers, midrange driver built in tweeter, subwoofer 
Inputs 3.5mm Dual RCA, 3.5mm Dual AUX, Optical fiber, Dual RCA-RCA HDMI, 3.5mm Jack AUX, Optical wire

Bookshelf Speakers vs Soundbar Important Specifications

Sensitivity rating 


The volume that comes from a sound system with a certain amount of power is defined as sensitivity rating. A high sensitivity rating denotes higher sound output. The general sensitivity of a sound system is 88dB. Sensitivity rating of bookshelf speakers is about 88dB to 92dB. 


Input impudence


An impedance of 6-8 ohms considered as ideal. A sound system with high impedance needs more current. The sound decreases when the impedance needed  is not achieved . Lesser impedance causes overheating and damages the speaker. Bookshelf speakers have an impudence of about 6-8 ohms. The input impedance of soundbars is 8 ohms. 


Power output 


Before buying a sound system, its power rating should be checked. Power rating refers to the power needed to offer the best audio quality . RMS power and Peak/Max power are two types of bookshelf speakers’s power. The total applied wattage implies the power output of soundbars. 

Its range is about 20-30% to 80-90% of power consumption. 


Frequency response 


How low or high the speakers can play determines the frequency response. Bookshelf speakers can reach a frequency range of about 50Hz. Subwoofers generate audio frequency between 35Hz-200Hz. A 2000Hz-20000Hz range of frequency can be delivered by soundbars.




The types of drivers present in speakers are woofers, midrange, and tweeters. For playing music, bookshelf speakers have 5”-6.25” woofers and .75”-1.4” tweeters. Soundbars have different tweeters and inbuilt subwoofers. 




Bookshelf speakers contain inputs like 3.5 mm RCA, 3.5mm jack AUX and dual RCA Aux cable. Some bookshelf speakers also come with optical inputs. Soundbars usually have 3.5 mm jack and AUX cable connectors. Some of them also have HDML connectors and optical wire inputs. 




For obtaining maximum sound effects, speakers should be ideally positioned. It is easier to position the soundbars than the bookshelf speakers for TV.


Bookshelf Speakers vs Soundbar Which is better?


Soundbars are easy to install . They come with fewer cables. They are more suitable for small living spaces. Soundbars provide a great surround system sound experience. They are affordable. However they cannot be upgraded. Bookshelf speakers have built-in amplifiers to enhance the performance. They are lightweight. These speakers can be upgraded. But they are comparatively costlier and their set up is difficult. 

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