DLP VS 3LCD Projector Comparison 

DLP VS 3LCD Comparison 

DLP VS 3LCD: When we compare the both technologies, for projector each of them has specific characters that distinguish it. DLP VS 3LCD Both can choose by the right need required for an individual.

What is a projector?

Projector is an optical device proficient in reproducing images generated by a computer or Blu-ray printer by projecting it onto the wall or any plain surface. The output produced by the projectors are large, hence they are used for a wide screen experience. Projectors can produce the output image through small transparent lens or can produce the image directly through lasers. The newer type projectors use the laser technique to project the image. This equipment made the effort easier and used in wide range of areas.

The most common type projector used during this period is called video projectors. The input source available for this type of projectors are video and presented in a screen or wall with help of lenses. Digital projectors find more use today. DLP and LCD are the main technologies used in the projectors. Both the technologies provide similar results but their working is quite different.

While purchasing a projector a consumer needs to consider certain factors like whether it is able to enhance the viewing experience. Number of options are available in the market and need to choose which one deliver the ultimate experience.

DLP VS 3LCD details

Let’s have a detailed discussion about the two and decide which is better.


Digital light processing (DLP) was developed by Larry Hornbeck (Texas instrument) in the year 1987. The projector that used DLP chip to display the projector images is called DLP projector. Millions of tiny mirrors are fixed on the chip which reflects light, to produce picture on the DLP projector. This chip which helps in the creation of picture is called DMD (digital micromirror device). Each mirror in the DMD represents one or more pixel in the projected picture. The movement of this mirrors results the DLP projector to create colours.

Cheaper DLP projectors use only one DLP chip and processes the RGB light in array one after the other. In the other hand 3DLP projectors can process individual beams of light alternatively. Hence, they are efficient enough to produce high quality images.

Advantages of Digital light processing

  • DLP projectors are comparatively smaller and quitter than LCD.
  • It has superior contrast ratio, which provide a rich and crystal-clear vision to the projected image.
  • Issues related to the falling of image out of alignment is rare because single mirror varieties are commonly used.
  • Due to the sealed image mirror in the DLP projectors good for dusty environment. Less maintenance is required because of fewer parts.
  • Degradation of image is not an issue here. DLP chip remains stable over a time.
  • With higher resolution projectors screen door problem is gradually disappearing.

Disadvantages of Digital light processing

  • Rainbow effect or rainbow coloured stipes may arise when look from one side of the screen.
  • Light leakage is another problem in DLP. This can be avoided by the installation of black borders.

Uses of DLP

With the developed technology DLP projectors have similar functions of smart phones or HD TVs. Hence this technology is good enough for an individual for the business and educational uses. Educational area is highly demand for such useful technologies during this modern and technically developed world.

Also, these are not too expensive for an average customer. This is used as home theatre projectors, non-portable vintage business projectors etc.

3LCD Technology

Most of the LCD projectors use 3 transparent panels for its working. One for red, one for green and another for blue. A 3LCD projector consist of three LCD panels which are transparent. In 3LCD projector there is a prism to separate the primary light. The light from the bulb splits into red, green and blue components. Each small transparent LCD displays their respective colour in which the projectors light then passes through it successively for the projection of an image. Then the light from each LCD gets combined together to create a clear and complete image and appears on the specific screen. This composition takes place before being directed through the projector’s lens.

The modern digital users are found to use the liquid crystal display (LCD) projectors. The 3LCD technology is owned by Epson and get licensed in 1988. The 1st 3LCD projector is known as Epson VPJ 700. This is handy specifically about the ultra-HD resolution projections. In the current period around 40projector brands are working on the basis of this tech.

Advantages of 3LCD

  • It claims much better picture quality than DLP.
  • It consists of 3 chip mechanism an many projector brands are using this one.
  • It doesn’t have a colour wheel as DLP. Hence colours are more accurate.
  • Light efficiency is good and produce a brighter image with the given wattage in 3LCD than in DLP.
  • This is more affordable than the DLP.
  • By default, 3LCD projectors are brighter but DLP projectors need to combine with led to supply efficient brightness.

Disadvantages of 3LCD

  • The screen door effect is visible in the old 3LCD projectors.
  • Compared to the DLP 3LCD projectors have low contrast ratios.
  • Other projectors that provide higher resolution than 3LCD is available in the market.

Uses of 3LCD

This is widely used in the educational field for the purpose of lectures. currently the need for such equipment’s is increasing for the video presentation.  Another notable Lightweight LCDs are used in travel purposes to provide a clarified idea about the places.

Another amazing functionality is the prison. It is used in the prison because the sizes can easily get altered or adjusted to the desired levels. Gaming and military area also make use of this projectors due to its picture quality.

The 3LCD projector provide us with superior entry level display. And the light output is usually high in 3LCD and provide more vivid and saturated colours. The both provide a range of good and bad performance it is better choose as per the intention of customer.