How to use a Projector in Outside During the Day?

Using a Projector Outside during the Daylight

How about setting up a home theatre using a projector in your garden? Sounds exciting, and indeed, it is a great option, not many would have thought of.

Main Factors on How to use a Projector in Outside During the Day.

Depending on your needs one must select the most suitable projector available in the
market. While buying a projector remember to keep an eye on a few specifications of the
•Quality of screen and screen size
Type of Projector matters.
Check what type of Projector screen you require. There are several types of movie projector in the market, and picking the right one can prove to be extremely beneficial depending on your environmental conditions.

•Inflatable Projector Screens :
Inflatable projector screens are the latest addition to the field of screens. These types of
movie screens are the best ones if you are looking for a solution that will withstand most
weather and climate conditions.
Whether it is going to rain or you are getting ready to secure your devices against the wind,
this type of screen can help you watch your film in most situations.
When shopping for these kinds of screens, it is important to check whether they are indeed
portable – although you should do this only if you are thinking about moving it in the future.
Some models are also self-inflating and can be up and running in less than 5 minutes.
If you need a versatile, easy, cheap, and fast solution to watch your movie in your outdoor
area, inflatable screens are for you.

•Tripods Projector Screens :
The second type of screens you can opt for is tripod-based screens. These can be much
more inexpensive and easy to install. However, it is worth noticing that they can not be set
up on uneven surfaces or during windy conditions.
Indeed, the tripod might not be stable enough to withstand the screen’s weight in conditions
that are any less than ideal. However, one of the unique features of tripod-based screens is
that they can be moved to any region of your garden as you prefer.
Therefore, you can easily move the screen in a shaded or protected area and continue
enjoying the film regardless of weather conditions. In some specific cases, you might even
decide to place the projector and screen indoors. If it has started to rain or the sun is too
bright, it will allow you to see the end of your cricket match without issues.

•Hung Projector Screens :
Hung movie screens are the last kind to be considered for within residence screening. These
type of screens can either be fixed or temporary. In any case, they are highly versatile and
can be installed on most walls and surfaces. You won’t need to use much more than cable
ties and included ties.
However, you should keep in mind that if you want to place your projector in the middle of
the garden rather than next to a wall, these projector screens might not be the one you are
looking for.

How can we set up the projector in the daylight?

There are a few points that needs to be taken care of while setting up an open – air Cinema theatre in your garden:

  • Choose the best location for the setup:

If you want to locate the projector in your garden, there must be various locations that are suitable for a perfect setup. But, you should find a shaded area for installing the projector.

  • Suitable Weather Conditions:

You can enjoy this setup almost everyday with your friends and family watching your favourite shows, in your Garden, Lawn or Patios. However, certain weather conditions should be taken care of. Try avoiding rainy or windy days to watch the film. Wind can damage the projector screen and rain water can cause the projector to break down. Also, you can’t watch movies in extreme hot or extreme cold weather as they can presumably damage the projector screen.

  • Clean the screen before mounting the projector:

After years of using the projector, the screen becomes dirty and develops platina. This platina makes it difficult to watch your movie.

Thus, you need to clean the screen before mounting and installing the projector in your garden.

You can also use lukewarm water or a mild, bleach-free and alcohol-free cleaner to clean the projector and get it back in use.


  • The Lumens of your Projector

The lumens of your projector are one of the most essential feature which should be kept in mind before investing in a projector.

“Lumens” is a unit that is used to measure the brightness of light. The lumens makes a movie clearer and brighter in the direct sunlight.

In the older times, watts were used to measure lights instead of Lumens.

The higher the lumen, the brighter the screen. You will need different lumens level as per your requirement and use. Hence, you need to look at the number of lumens and figure out the brightness of the projector.

A projector of at least 3000 to 5000 Lumens can be an ideal choice for a projector in an outside area because of the Ambient Light. A projector with less than 3000 to 5000 lumens will result in faint, grey and weak images.


  • Projector should have a Strong Reflective Display

The two main devices needed two main devices to watch your favourite film in your own garden – the projector and the screen.

Apart from the 5000 lumens screen, the screen should have a good reflective display. These reflective screens can avert the sunlight and can create vibrant pictures for the audience.

Although, Strong Reflective Display can be pricey in nature but will ensure that you enjoy watching your shows outdoors during daylight.


  • Screen with 160° viewing angle

Watching movie with friends and family on a bigger screen has always been a fun.  But, sometimes, we enjoy watching shows only when we sit infront of the screen.

It helps in viewing in the rear and on the sides of the screens.

Screen with 160° viewing angle are perfect for enjoying movies, shows and games with your family, friends and kids. This kind of screens allow people who are sitting sideways or backwards to watch the film.

  • An amazing Sound system can be a Cherry on Cake

Last but not the least, after installing the projector with all the features that makes a perfect Home Theatre, you should look for a sound system with the latest technologies.

A good Sound System is helpful during the windy weather that prohibits you from getting clear audio while watching the movie and create utter disturbance.

We should prefer wireless and easy to install Sound System for a better experience while watching movies outdoors during the daylight.

  • Create a shade in the open area for the projector

If you don’t find an appropriate location to install the projector, there are various options to create a perfect artificial corner .

To prevent too much ambient light steal the brightness of the projector screen, we might need to build the structure that provides shade to the projector.

You can install a shade or gazebo to meet the requirement of the perfect location for the projector. Also, you can opt for an umbrella with a mobile app too, so that you can open, close or maneuver as per your preference.


In Summary

If you are missing those old summers, and want to watch movie outdoors, why not setup the ultimate daylight home theatre during this pandemic? It is of course possible this year with your own projector setup as it is not that difficult to install a projector. Moreover, watching movies and shows with your family and friends in your garden or patio can be more exciting than watching movies in a theatre.

While setting up a projector in the outdoor, invest in a strong enough projector and sound bar that guarantees High – quality picture and a clear screen. Also, do not forget to buy a 160 degree angle screen for a better experience.