Can we Connect Roku to Projector

Can Connect Roku to the Projector? YES


A projector and a Roku can be linked by connecting a Roku stick to the HDMI port. It is coupling to the WiFi. Depending on various smart tv models that are available, a suitable Roku device can be selected and used to connect to a projector. 

Connect Roku to Projector
Connect Roku to Projector


Best Models to Connect Roku to Projector


The two Best models of Roku that works best with a projector are Roku Streaming Stick+ and Roku Express. 


Roku streaming stick+


One of the most desirable streaming devices to be owned today is Roku streaming stick+. This device is easy to use as it is compact . It is also smaller in size than other similar devices. Roku stick can be plugged directly into the display device by the HDMI port. It is then connected to the Wi-Fi network which enables content to be streamed directly from the internet. The language can be chosen by scrolling from the given choices.  Download the latest Os software and then reboots. Best display resolution is automatically selected.

Roku streaming stick+ offers the most value for money. Features include screen mirroring of both androids and window devices. It facilitates private listening with the help of an exclusive mobile app. 


Roku streaming stick+ provides an easy to operate user interface. It can support streaming of HDR , HDR10 standard and Dolby Atmos content. Roku streaming stick+ can run more applications than other streaming devices available in the market. The remote that comes with this device can be used for controlling television. Disadvantages of using Roku streaming stick+ is that it cannot support smart assistants such as Google Assistant or Alexa along with Dolby Vision. 


Roku express 


The most economical streaming device from Roku is Roku Express . It can transform an ordinary television into a smart tv. Roku Express is a small device which can be fixed to the TV . It stays hidden out of the way as it is compact. Originally packaged as an alternative to google‘s Chromecast, Roku Express is the ideal streaming device for budget shoppers.

This device supports streaming of various channels such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, YouTube and Hulu. Roku Express can also stream lesser-known channels like Crackle, Adult Swim and Vevo. Some of these streaming channels are free while the more powerful ones require a monthly subscription.


Roku Express is plugged into the tv by using an HDMI cable. It can be attached to back or bottom part of the tv by an adhesive provided by Roku. Using the remote, Roku Express is connected to the Wi-Fi and turned on. By creating a Roku account, desired channels can be added to the watchlist. A product activation code is generated and the product is ready to use. Disadvantage of using Roku Express is that it can display videos only in a 720p or 1080p screen resolution. 


Step by step process to connect Roku Stick to projector


  • Plug Roku stick into HDMI port


The first step in connecting Roku stick to the projector is to plug it into the HDMI port. For those who wish to connect Roku stick to alternative audio, Roku stick should be plugged into an attached device such as a splitter. 


  • Manage projector settings 


The next important step in connecting Roku stick to a projector is to manage projector settings. All projectors come with a button labelled as ‘ Settings’ either on top or side of the projector.. For adjusting audio clarity, volume output jack and automatic HDMI input settings need to be turned on. The input signal needs to be received from the Roku via the HDMI port. 


  • Connect Audio


For the audio to be captured using a Roku stick, it needs to be connected to the projector. When the audio needs to be streamed using another source that is stationed outside the projector, a speaker system can be used. 


For connecting Roku stick to audio, the connection depends whether Roku stick can be linked to the wiFi network directly or not. The easiest way to connect audio to a projector is when the speakers, projector and Roku stick are all compatible with the wireless network. When all components of a system are not compatible with the WiFi network , acquiring an audio extractor is the best way to connect Roku.


  • Connect all the devices on the same WiFi network 


All the devices that are required such as Roku stick, projector and speaker system should be connected to the same WiFi network for enjoying the best live streaming experience. 


Compare Roku stick vs Fire Stick 


Fire stick by Amazon is an entry level device. It can be plugged directly into HDMI video input. It is free for download . Fire stick is available in two versions- basic and 4K resolution. This device comes with a remote and an in built microphone which enables voice control. It is also compatible with Alexa. The latest version of Fire Stick enables viewing live camera feeds on tv. It can also be used to control smart home devices. 


The Roku Stick and the Amazon Firestick are both streaming devices that allow streaming of various channels such as Netflix, Disney +, and Amazon prime video.Some of the differences between both the devices are:


  • Price – For a price tag of £39.99, both Roku stick and Firestick come with a different set of features. While Fire stick offers full HD streaming as well as voice search, Roku stick provides 4K streaming only. Fire stick lacks various features on its remote such as volume and power buttons. 
  • Design – Roku stick contains shortcuts to various streaming channels such as Netflix, Spotify and Google Play. The updated version of Fire stick is equipped with power as well as volume buttons on the remote.
  • Voice control – The voice control feature in Fire stick comes in the form of a button on the remote whereas, in Roku stick, it is placed on the in-app remote. Voice recognition and search features are better equipped in Amazon Fire stick than Roku stick. 

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