How to Choose a Best Bass headphones

How to Choose a Best Bass headphones

Lets know some important information. so it helps to understand How to Choose a Best Bass headphones?

To get best Bass Headphones should have great frequency response, Sound build Quality and make sure active noise cancelling with extended low frequency response for better moda crossfade effect. An audio bass response had wide range sound profile to get high frequencies  bass definition.

  1. What is a bass-heavy frequency response? How it helps
  2. What are Bass Headphones?
  3. How We Test a Bass headphones
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What To consider For When Buying Bass Headphones?

A best Bass headphones should need following points like Bass response, Sensitivity, noise cancelling, Build Quality, ear design, Bass frequencies, Supporting apps, detachable cables. Price Range is the effective factor. Cost of the equipment deals of product output range.

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Based on sensitivity and frequency response specifications any one understand the quality of the headphones easily.

What is normal Bass and Deep bass?

                                               Bass is a term that is used to describe tones of low frequency, pitch and range from 16 Hz to 256 Hz. This is also called as ‘bottom end’. Audio bandwidth that ranges between 16 Hz to 18 Hz is deep bass. Bass is the reason behind beautiful sound experience. A subwoofer is a device that is designed to reproduce such low-pitched audio frequencies. Sound setups deliver best bass with subwoofer.

In low Hz more bass is delivering. A 20 to 120 Hz is considered as the best frequency for bass. When the frequency drops below 20 Hz it is difficult to pick up the bass sound. Frequencies above 20000 Hz are called ultra sound. Subwoofers that work below this frequency, never carry actual sounds clearly. As the frequency reaches zero the efficiency of the subwoofer continues dropping. That is number of vibrations produced at this frequency will reduce much from the actual required vibrations.

How to Choose a Best Bass headphones

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Major Factors of Sound Quality to get Good Bass

Audio Frequency

Sound moves through a medium and this is measured with frequency and amplitude. Frequency can be defined as the number of times per second that a sound wave repeats itself. High frequency produces a greater number of oscillations. High frequency sounds are above 2000 Hz and low frequency sounds are 500 Hz. Low frequency sound waves, middle frequency sound waves and high frequency sound waves are there.


Sensitivity is the term that helps in indicating the loudness of earphones. It is used to determine how efficiently electrical signals are converted into sound signals in headphones. Decibel is the unit used to measure this quantity. In other words, sensitivity can be described as the minimum signal power that can be differentiate from fluctuations in the output which caused due to the built-in noise in the system. This is expressed by the ratio of the linear displacement (Δl) or angular displacement (Δα) on the instrument scale. Sensitivity helps in determining the intensity of sound.


                                                Impedance can be expressed as the opposition or any obstruction to the flow of an alternating current in the electric circuit that is likely to the electric resistance to a direct current. Impedance is denoted by the letter Z. The formula ais given by

Z= √R²+(Xʟ-Xc) ²



Xc=capacitive reactance

Xʟ=inductive reactance

Impedance is a basic factor included in headphones or audio sources. This has an important role in the audio dynamics. There is a certain resistance to the electric current that transmitted by the amplifier in headphones and earphones. This process of transmission and resistance is known as impedance. Ohm is the unit used to measure the impedance.

25v, 70v and 100v are generally considered as high impedance (greater than 25ohms). Low impedance is less than 25ohms and requires less power to supply high audio.

How Audio drivers are important?

In short, drivers are needed to make efficient use of the devices. Because drivers help in the communication of operating system and connected devices possible. If the appropriate driver is not installed, the proper functioning of device may get interrupted.

Dual driver headphones

Headphones comes to a necessity for the convenience and enjoyment while listen to music and other audios. Headphones have tiny speakers and they use an electromagnet to vibrate or oscillate for sound creation. In headphones the electrical energy is converted into sound energy through a moving diaphragm. Magnets and conductive coils are used by the headphones to vibrate the diaphragms to create sound. The working principle behind headphones are opposite of microphone and similar to speakers.

In devices digital audio is stored as binary data i.e.; using 1’s and 0’s. when we play the device this binary code gets converted into corresponding sound with the help of a digital to analogue converter (DAC). This is sent through the wires and reaches your ears. As the name indicates dual driver headphones have two drivers. Each earpiece is with two tiny speakers. Each speaker has assigned with different duties. One speaker is for handling the bass while the other is to deal with high and mid frequencies. All the sound frequencies in a single driver headphone are handled by one drive. And hence it is not possible to handle all the sound frequencies efficiently. Dual driver headphones tend to produce better audio compared to the single driver headphones.

How to choose a Best Bass headphones?

Certain steps need to keep in mind while purchasing for a headset;

  • Check with larger drivers in the device because it will help in generating better sound.
  • Headphone require enough power to work. Good impedance of headphones is considered to be 16 Ohms.
  • Sensitivity implies with the intensity of sound. So, if you want to hear surround music check with sensitivity.
  • Frequency range is another factor under consideration. For more bass check with Bass headphones that support more than 20000Hz.
  • Design and comfort are another factor need to be considered while purchasing headphones. Choose the convenient one with all the specifications above.